Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Denver Comic Con

I'll to be at Denver Comic Con on June 1st and 2nd (that's Saturday and Sunday only).

I'll be doing sketches. All are black and white inked drawings on bristol board -- much like Admiral Ackbar over there. 

Here is the pricing:

$125 for 1 character 9x12 inked
$200 for 2 characters 9x12 inked
$60 for headshot 9x12 inked.

Let me know if you're interested in getting on the list:

UPDATE: Here are the panels I'll be on Saturday and Sunday:

Marvel Creators Spotlight

Room 503

Future of Star Wars

Room (506-507)

Storyboarding for Movies

Room 109

Please come by and ask some questions. If you ask a question about the actual process of making comics or films, you will have my eternal gratitude. Well, maybe not eternal but I would appreciate it. 

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

KINSKI #1 is on sale now!

Like Dogs? Quirky, fast paced stories? Subtly dark psychological undertones? Then check out KINSKI #1, written and drawn by me. It's out today, available digitally only from Monkeybrain Comics and Comixology. You can buy it HERE.

Here's a preview of issue #1:


Here's a nice review of KINSKI #1 from Bag & Bored.

Here are links to a couple interviews about KINSKI. I talk to Tim O'Shea of Robot 6 and Alex Thomas of Pipedream Comics.

Also, I talked KISNKI, storyboards, Star Wars and the 180 degree rule on the Pop Culture Hound podcast.