Friday, September 26, 2014


I'll be at Long Beach ComicCon this weekend. Corinna and I will be at table #1812.

I'll also be appearing on the following panels: 



2:00pm  -  room 103A/B
IGN's Joshua Yehl leads an all-star packed disscussion about the decision to go creator owned. Marc Bernardin, Chris Burham, Kyle Higgins, Alec Siegel, Ken Kristensen, Corinna Bechko, Gabriel Hardman, and Dustin Nguyen share details about their Image Comics books that touch every genre of the industry.

Sunday 9/28
Science Fiction and the End of the World
11:30 AM
Lasers, robots, time travel, the end of the world... science fiction lets creators run wild in thinking of new ways to blow up the Earth. Hear how some of these science fiction storytellers come up with weird science. Panelists: Corrina Bechko, Joshua Fialkov, Gabriel Hardman, Jim Mahfood

Here is the pricing for sketches: 

One Character: $150

Two Characters: $300

Headsketch: $60

All are inked on 9x12 paper.

I will also be offering a limited number of 18x24 (very big!) con sketches done in ink and pastel. 1 character is $400. If you're interested these can only be done as pre-orders. 

Email me here to pre-order.

I'll also be continuing my CONVENTION PORTRAIT PROJECT at these shows. For this project I draw a portrait of anyone at the convention who is willing to sit for 20-30 minutes, time permitting. All are welcome including but not limited to fans, fellow comics professionals, cosplayers, celebrities, anyone who would attend a comics convention. 

I make an effort to draw as many as portraits as I can but I have other commitments at the convention and won't be able to fit in everybody.
The CONVENTION PORTRAIT PROJECT is a very earnest endeavor. I'm not drawing exaggerated caricatures or making fun of anybody. It's a straight forward documentary drawing project. I keep the drawings but I'll send you a high res scan after the show.
There is no set schedule for the portraits. Just ask me at the show and I'll try to fit you in.