Thursday, July 12, 2012


I may not have gone with this name but he sure is fun to draw.


  1. Jolly maple back and Kunlun, Leaf River map is to use the strength to speak, completely sealed Presbyterian gang old man's mouth. Potala Palace will force topped, killing one person under the Kunlun, Leaf River map shoulders to bear too much glory and pressure, but in front of Jolly maple or slovenly like to joke that the big brother. Remove the North Face Sale Uk face of some things, North Face Sale no matter how tough even have to pretend nothing had happened.

    Jun Yi Feng Tang Peng understand newfound Leaf River map but some of his fur to teach it. Yi Feng, to The North Face Sale tell him you know. Figure calm Leaf River Road, Tang Peng listened noontime. Jun Yi Feng was explained, the latter exclaimed understand the situation: the original pit mine, and what you will it move? I knew that to ask you. Tang Peng want, all maple Jolly taught him, there is no point everything he knows. 'd Let Tang Peng feel flattered.

    Weekdays always talkative and hatred Leaf River map surprisingly no Tang Peng, silent. After the can to my place to Tang to me, North Face Sale although last in the Kunlun planted in your hands, but I'm convinced Tang Peng. Starting today, you are my friend Tang Peng, even though I am a little climb, or really put you as a brother is my role model. Determined after the Tang Peng say these words slowly, as the master of the house's only son Tang.