Thursday, September 27, 2012


It's time again for NYCC so I'm opening up my pre-show sketch list. I  can't guarantee that I'll get the sketches on the pre-list done before the show but it means your sketch will definitely be finished and in your hands when you leave the Jacob Javits Center. 

Here's my pricing: 

$125 for 1 character 

$200 for 2 characters 

$60 for headshot 

All are inked on 9x12 

If you want something bigger or more complicated, I'll charge more. 

To get on the list you can email me at:

I'll also be on a panel called COMICS PROS AND FILM BUFFS: WHEN FANBOYS COLLIDE. More info on it here: NYCC SCHEDULE

I'll be in ARTIST ALLEY at booth J18 along with my wife and writing partner Corinna Bechko. Drop by and say hello!


  1. Looking forward to meeting both you guys! Again.

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