Tuesday, March 5, 2013


We had an amazing time at the Emerald City Comic Con this year. It was our forth time attending and while it's always been one of four favorite shows, this year exceeded expectations. Jim Demonakos and his team should be commended for keeping the unique comics oriented flavor of the con intact while growing the con in size and attendance. Also, Seattle is a near perfect location. It's so easy to get around, find good food and coffee and generally enjoy yourself outside the show. For me and Corinna it made for a very successful convention. 

Here's a round up of the sketchs I drew at the show. The ones I managed to get a photo of anyway. 

And don't forget: STAR WARS: LEGACY #1 is out March 20th. Here's the video of our Star Wars panel at ECCC alongside Brian Wood and Randy Stradley:


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